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Shipments with LTL carriers to a residence is different from standard UPS or Fedex Shipments, if your top is being delivered to a commercial address all you need to do is ensure that the carrier has the proper contact information and you're good to go. 

** Do not accept a damaged shipment, reject it so that it will automatically be returned to us and we can send you another top. Also keep the crate your hard top came in until you're sure there is no hidden damage to it**


LTL shipping is used for transporting smaller freight loads or when your shipment doesn't require the full space of a truck.

  1. Delivery Scheduling and Tracking: Most carriers offer tracking services for LTL shipments. Once your shipment is close to delivery, the carrier typically contacts you to schedule a delivery time. This is because LTL shipments often require specific delivery windows due to the consolidated nature of the transport.

  2. Access Requirements: Ensure that the delivery address is accessible to large trucks. LTL carriers use larger vehicles, and if your residence is in a location with limited access (narrow streets, tight turns, etc.), it's important to notify the carrier in advance. They might need to make arrangements for a smaller delivery vehicle.

  3. Inspection for Damage: Upon arrival, inspect the shipment for any visible damage before signing the delivery receipt. In case of any damage, reject the shipment, if you expect hidden damage note it on the receipt and take photographs if possible. This is crucial for any potential claims against the carrier for damages.

  4. Potential for Delay: LTL shipments can be less predictable in terms of delivery times compared to parcel delivery. Since LTL shipments consolidate freight from multiple customers, there might be delays due to loading and unloading at various stops.

  5. Additional Services: If you require services like inside delivery, unpacking, or debris removal, inform the carrier beforehand as these services are not typically included in standard LTL shipping.

Understanding these aspects can help in preparing for an LTL shipment to a home residence, ensuring a smoother delivery process.

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