2021+ Ford Bronco Adjustable Tire Carrier & Camera Mount - Turn Offroad
2021+ Ford Bronco Adjustable Tire Carrier & Camera Mount - Turn Offroad
2021+ Ford Bronco Adjustable Tire Carrier & Camera Mount - Turn Offroad
2021+ Ford Bronco Adjustable Tire Carrier & Camera Mount - Turn Offroad
2021+ Ford Bronco Adjustable Tire Carrier & Camera Mount - Turn Offroad
2021+ Ford Bronco Adjustable Tire Carrier & Camera Mount - Turn Offroad

2021+ Ford Bronco Adjustable Tire Carrier & Camera Mount

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2021+ Bronco Adjustable Tire Carrier & Camera Mount

Note: Please review all the videos below before installing this product!

The Turn Offroad TC4-M1 Adjustable Tire Carrier is the perfect solution for anyone looking to customize their 2021+ Bronco's rear end.

Our tire carrier features an adjustable design that allows for aftermarket wheels with offsets ranging from +40mm to -40mm to sit tight against the tailgate, providing a surface for the spare tire to mate against, an improved look, and additional clearance.

In addition to accommodating aftermarket wheels, the TC4-M1 also supports tires up to 40 inches when paired with our TC3-M1 tailgate reinforcement. The adjustable 3rd brake light bracket ensures that your Bronco remains street legal, while the carrier's compatibility with the OEM backup camera allows for continued use of this convenient feature.

Our tire carrier also boasts a durable 3-stage nanotexture powdercoat finish, ensuring it can stand up to even the toughest off-road conditions. The easy bolt-on installation process means you'll have your new tire carrier up and running in no time, and its compatibility with any rear bumper and Turn Offroad's license plate relocation kit make it a versatile addition to any build.

Whether you're hitting the trails or cruising around town, the Turn Offroad TC4-M1 Adjustable Tire Carrier is a must-have for any 2021+ Bronco owner looking to add style and functionality to their ride.

Key Features
  • Adjustable to allow aftermarket wheels to sit tight to the tailgate
  • Can allow for wheels from +40mm offset to -40mm offset to sit tight to tailgate
  • Accommodates OEM backup camera
  • Accommodates up to a 40 inch tire (When paired with TC3-M1 tailgate reinforcement)
  • Adjustable 3rd brake light bracket
  • 3 stage nanotexture powdercoat
  • Easy bolt on installation
  • Compatible with any rear bumper
  • Compatible with Turn Offroad’s license plate relocation kit


2021+ Ford Bronco 2 and 4-Door Models


Videos to watch before Adjustable Tire Carrier Installation:

Note: These videos below cover the electrical/camera extending and relocation if you are or have installed other TOR products. This video does not cover those steps.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Very easy to install. I love the adjustability. This gives me because I have a -12 offset rim now with this installed my camera view is clear and does not show part of my rim.

Ron L.
Great product and a must have for any bronco

If you have after market wheels and tires on your Bronco this full adjustable spare tire carrier is a must have adjustable height and depth allows any/ most tire combos to fit like factory again

Scott W.
Tire carrier & camera mount 😍

This was a very easy install. The best thing I like about it is I can adjust the placement of the tire and camera so that now my -12 rim and tire sets nice and tight against the tailgate support and the camera is back to factory view

Brad W.
GREAT product, and GREAT service

I previously had a 4WP aftermarket tire carrier, and the tire was bouncing all over the place when hitting bumps (the tire doesn't sit against the bump stops with that aftermarket carrier). It was loud, and was dangerous.

I found this tire carrier, and it's perfect. It sits really close to the sheet metal so it looks nice, and because it's adjustable it allows the tire use the factory bump stops for additional stability.

Last, I had a couple of issues with the original kit that was delivered. My 2022 Base Bronco didn't have the correct camera plug to use the extension wire included in the kit, and for some reason the kit's 3rd brake light extension arms didn't provide enough space for the windshield wiper on the hard top. However, their support team was AWESOME. They immediately sent out a kit to deal with the camera, and we talked through how to get the extension arms to work until we got it figured out. They were even sending pictures from their workshop showing me what to do. In the end , it all got worked out and I love the tire carrier. It looks much better, and is MUCH safer than the 4WP tire carrier.

Kevin A.
Love the Adjustable Tire Carrier

The adjustable tire carrier with camera mount is a game-changer. It's well-made and enhances my Bronco's look.

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